I do Love.. ♥

♥ eating chocolate ice cream
♥ having lunch with mommy and daddy
♥ reading @sepedamalam 's tweets
♥ racing my yellow motorcycle
♥ drinking hot chocolate
♥ chatting with you!
♥ listening Yellow by Coldplay
♥ watching Doraemon in RCTI on Sunday Morning
♥ listening My Playlist when just awake
♥ writing "sajak dungu"
♥ spending my time with you!
♥ seeing how the cute he is when he is smile
♥ eating Indomie at midnight
♥ sleeping in a long time!
♥ drawing cartoon and sticking in my room (now, I can't do it, because my roommate a.k.a my sister is complain)
♥ eating oreo !!
♥ laugh out loud!!
♥ doing many thing who can make me smile :)

4 komentar:

  1. i love yellow too,,, including coldplay's, and oreo too :)

    1. yellow is the best song ever and oreo is the sweetest biscuit in this country hehehehe :)

  2. i love everything that makes me happy <3