An Accidental Meeting

Do you remember when you fall in love for the first time? I never know what love is untill at nine in the afternoon, I goes to campus coffee shop and find someone take a seat in front of me. I never thought i would come to this point where life as the Kiddos is no longer relevant. It hurts a little and at the same time to find myself grown up and be acquainted with something called love.

Mr. Nob:
Sorry, if i may borrow your pencil?

Nona Pop:
I beg my pardon, you talk to me?

Mr. Nob:
Is there anybody else? Yes, you are.

Nona Pop:
Oh, sorry. Of course. Here you are.

Mr. Nob:
Cute pensil, huh.
You’re Nona Pop, right? I read your poem in wall magazine.

Nona Pop:
*almost screaming*

Mr. Nob:
Yes, I did. I like you’re style.
My name is Rendra, thank you for this cute pencil and nice to see you.

pict. from here

~ Falling in Love At  a Coffee Shop – Landon Pig
~ Nine in the Afternoon – Panic! At the Disco

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